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[S.A.I.D. Home] [Data Entry] [Document Scanning] [Text Scanning] [About S.A.I.D.] We recognize that the needs of each project are unique, and we encourage you to call us with information about your project. We will gladly discuss your project with you personally at no charge. Some examples of the information we need by type of project are:
  • Data Entry - We will need a sample of the source document with the estimated volume and turnaround time.
  • Document Scanning - We will need a description of your data with your needs for retrieval.
  • Text Scanning - We will need a sample of the source document, estimated volume, and turnaround time.
Office hours are 8:30 AM to 5:15 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Please call to tell us about your project, or contact us via email or fax.

[email] Telephone: (703) 532-9190
Fax: (703) 536-2528
Email: Info@SAIDinc.com.

A customer representative will respond to your request with a free quotation providing a fixed price for the work.

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